Business Scope

We devote to the development of environmental protection business in the PRC as well as worldwide. We will further expand our business scope based on our competitive strengths in the flue gas treatment industry to become a comprehensive environmental protection engineering enterprise. Our business covers air pollution treatment, liquid pollution treatment and solid pollution treatment.

The air pollution treatment includes: desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal. We cooperated with domestic and overseas scientific research institutions and colleges to actively develop technology having proprietary intellectual property rights applied to environmental business. We can provide general contract projects including designing, construction, installation and after-sales service.

The liquid pollution treatment includes: designing, construction, installation and maintenance for municipal and industrial wastewater; investment, construction and operations for water supply system and drinking water source; circulating economic development for sea water desalination.

The solid pollution treatment includes: municipal solid waste disposal; comprehensive utilization for gangue, hazardous waste disposal; municipal slush disposal and soil remediation. Waste disposal mainly adopts combustion generation technology. Coal gangue power generation is the state encouraging project. We have the advantages in technology, talents, capital and rich experience. We can provide services in design, construction, investment, operations and management to make the solid waste to be harmless, reduced and recycled.  

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