Company Introduction

China Boqi, the full company name is China Boqi Environmental (Holding) Co., Ltd., whose core company, Beijing Boqi Electric Power SCI-TECH Company Ltd. was founded in June 2002, in Beijing. China Bqoi is a professional company providing environmental protection solutions on flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, as well as pursuing solid waste disposal and water pollution treatment, clean energy and energy saving projects.

We have been the leader in the industry for many years. According to Frost & Sullivan, up to December 31, 2016, as measured by cumulative installed capacity in operation, we are the largest independent flue gas desulfurization project service provider and fourth largest independent flue gas denitrification project service provider in the PRC; as measured by cumulative capacity in operation, we are the third largest independent flue gas desulfurization concession operation service provider and independent flue gas denitrification concession operation service provider in the PRC. We can provide various business modes of services, mainly including EPC, operation and maintenance and concession operation. We focus on promoting “Green Island” system emission reduction service.

We have mature and reliable technologies. We also possess the integrated and systematic ability of self-designing and complete set projects. The “ZFD Flue Gas Pollution Control Technology” adopted in the Green Island, which is our independently-developed technology, can meet the ultra-low emission standards by the unique advantages and combination of various flue gas pollution control technologies. Boqi has obtained many domestic patents accepted and authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. We have established technological development platform with complete architecture to promote or perfect the existing technology, meet the changing market demand and import overseas advanced technologies.

We keep good business relations with every power generation group, local power generation enterprise, large-scale energy company and overseas contractor. Our projects are covering almost 30 administrative regions including provinces, cities and municipalities. We are the key enterprise in power environmental protection industry in the PRC, ranking number one in the list of 2016 desulfurization performance published by the China Electricity Council measured by cumulative performance of putting into operations. We have explored market in Europe,South Asia,Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia and undertook more than 10 desulfurization and denitrification projects in Turkey, Serbia, Vietnam, Sultan and Venezuela.

In 2016, we successfully introduced overseas strategic investors and financial investors from Sinopec Overseas Investment Holding Company Ltd., who will help Boqi to develop business in non-electric environmental industry and realize the diversification and sustainability of our business development. The new shareholders’ joining optimized our shareholders structure, enhanced our comprehensive power and promote our whole competitiveness. Depending on the shareholders’ industry background resources and through strategic cooperation and cross industry merger & acquisition, we will break the industry barrier, seize the market opportunity of “third party treatment” in non-electricity environment protection industry and promote our concession operation and O&M business development in non-electricity industry.

We are making persistent efforts in forging high quality and safety projects. Many projects, such as in Daihai, Waigaoqiao, Beicang, Kaifeng, Xinyang and Liyheng won the honor of “China Power Quality Engineering Award”, “Luban Prize” and “National Important Environmental Protection Practical Technology Demonstration Award”.

We, as a corporate, are acting in the following capacities: among the first batch of national recognized high-tech enterprises, Zhongguancun Science Park Standardization Pilot Unit, deputy director of the China Environmental Protection Products Standard Technology Committee, deputy president of the Sub-association of Environmental Protection Industry and member of the China Association of Environment Industry. Meanwhile, we have proactively participated in the preparation of relevant national and industry standards, reflecting our leadership in the industry. We had established 9 standards either as chief editor or as participating editor.

We have highly specialized employees and excellent qualification. Our outstanding business strengths are widely recognized and have earned us numerous awards, including the “2014 National Outstanding Contributor to Air Pollution Reduction” and the “National Quality and Creditworthy Enterprise. 

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