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China Boqi 2014 Excellent Individual and Team Travel to Thailand

To thank the excellent staff’s prominent contributions and efforts in 2014 and stimulate their working passion, according to the related provision of “2014 Boqi Group Excellent Staff Selection Activity”, our company decides to award the excellent individual and team to travel overseas. HR department organized 5 days travel to the Land of Smile——Thailand. June is in the monsoon of Thailand. However, wherever our team arrived was in a bright and clear weather, which has the same color with “Boqi Blue”.

The 25 excellent Boqi team experienced a 5 days wonderful trip in Thailand. They went to the  Vimanmek Mansion Palace, the Royal Palace, the Jade Buddha Temple and Sing Kawan, which are showing the historic culture and Buddhism Belief of this country. Boqi team also had a close contact with elephants and alligators. The bright sunshine, blue seas and beautiful insulars became the unforgettable memories to our team.

    The Thailand trip not only expanded our staff’s horizon, made the team get familiar and increase the unity for each other but also strengthen the cooperation ability for the team. They will devote themselves to the work when they back carrying with Bangkok’s passion and Pattaya’s sunshine.

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