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We have strong and independent R&D capabilities and adhere to the R&D strategy in pursuit of advanced technology. We are committed to independent R&D and we adhere to the approach of technology development and application through introduction, digestion, study and re-creation as well as industry-academia research. We have formed two value chains consisting of environmental protection energy-saving engineering and technology R&D service. Based on technique improvement and advanced technology, our industrial system has been gradually formed.       

Our R&D team possesses considerable relevant industry experience and has established a well-structured technology development platform. Since our inception, we have been committed to developing new technologies and products, upgrading or improving existing technologies, meeting the changing market requirements and introducing advanced technologies into the PRC. With our breadth of relevant industry experience, a deep understanding of power plants’ needs in the PRC, and through our continued innovation and improvement of advanced technologies, we have accomplished significant achievements in R&D.

As we have industry-leading technologies and, leveraging our own R&D capabilities, we conduct in-depth studies in all aspects of flue gas pollution control. Particularly, our technology enables us to achieve the efficiency of SO2 removal, denitrification and dust removal emission of 99.8%, 98% and 1mg/m3, respectively exceeding the national technology requirements of “ultra-low emission”. To continue to improve our competitiveness, we have gradually transformed our business model from stand-alone desulfurization and denitrification services to coordinated treatment business named “Green Island” for coal-fired power plants. We provide to our customers with the integrated solution “Flue Gas Green Island”, which applies our advanced proprietary flue gas pollution control technology focusing on flexible combination, high efficiency, energy-saving, coordinated treatment and ultra-clean emission. At present, we have established track records of construction and operation of several “ultra-low emission” Green Island projects. Meanwhile, we are well prepared to introduce other technologies for treatment of flue gas pollutions, including those in relation to SO3, mercury and metallic oxide.

We have established an enterprise technology center and a post-doctoral research station, both of which are recognized by the Beijing Municipality Government. We and our projects were also awarded by the Zhongguancun Science Park as the “Zhongguancun Science Park Innovative Pilot Enterprise”, “Zhongguancun Science Park Standardization Pilot Unit” and “Zhongguancun Major Project in R&D and Industrialization of Key Technology and Equipment regarding SCR Flue Gas Denitrification”. We have established a full working condition simulator training base, a physical model flow field laboratory, a seawater desulfurization thermal experimental platform and an R&D test platform, which have enabled us to achieve continuous technological innovation and upgrade. We own 33 registered trademarks, 49 patents and six computer software copyrights in the PRC, as well as two patents outside the PRC. We are currently applying for six patents and will continue to apply for new patent rights in the PRC for the products and technologies we develop. Furthermore, we own other intellectual property such as non-registered know-how, trade secrets, proprietary technologies and other procedures and processes.

Our technical strengths are highly recognized by the State as well as the industry and our projects have been awarded for their quality and safety. We are among the first batch of national high-tech enterprises, and have been recognized as a key high-tech enterprise in 2014. In addition, we have obtained environmental engineering design qualification (Level A), environmental protection engineering contractor qualification (1st Class) and enterprise ecological construction and environmental engineering consulting qualification (Level A), all of which have laid a solid foundation for us to maintain industry leadership and further expand into new businesses. Furthermore, thanks to our strong strengths in technology and effective quality control measures, we have maintained the record of nil safety accident for our completed projects, enabling us to receive recognitions from the State for safety work.

We proactively seek technology development and research collaboration with world-renowned multinational companies as well as domestic and overseas research institutes. In recent years, to introduce advanced technologies from abroad, we establish strategic partnerships with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (China) Co., Ltd, Nara Power Co., Ltd of South Korea and Nrgtek Inc. and The Chemithon Corporation of the United States in respect of introduction of new technologies and cooperative development. Meanwhile, in order to further enhance our R&D capabilities, we have entered into extensive research cooperations with Tsinghua University, Nankai University and other famous universities. We have entered into a joint technology licensing cooperation framework agreement with Sinopec Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals, pursuant to which we will cooperate in joint technology licensing to achieve “ultra-low emission” in the fields of petroleum and petrochemicals, oil field, power and coal chemicals, so as to develop and enhance our R&D capabilities in environmental protection and energy conservation technology for petroleum, chemicals and other industries.

Our market reputation in the flue gas treatment business is built on our continued efforts to help our customers comply with regulated pollution control requirements and increase their operational and economic efficiencies. In providing our flue gas treatment services, we employ various industry-leading technologies and we also store waste water treatment technology, soil treatment and energy-saving and integrated utilization technology. As a result, we believe our products, services and technologies will enable us to maintain a leading position in the flue gas treatment industry in the PRC.

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